JC & Ilse – Married

This was such a fun one! A beautiful day at the stunning Ballard Bay club. JC & Ilse were so full of energy, excited, and of course, love on their big day. It was an amazing day of laughter, tears, dancing, and fun. Congrats JC and Ilse!

Many blessings on many years of marriage!

JC-and-Ilse-1 JC-and-Ilse-2 JC-and-Ilse-3 JC-and-Ilse-4 JC-and-Ilse-5 JC-and-Ilse-6 JC-and-Ilse-7 JC-and-Ilse-8 JC-and-Ilse-9 JC-and-Ilse-10 JC-and-Ilse-11 JC-and-Ilse-12 JC-and-Ilse-13 JC-and-Ilse-14 JC-and-Ilse-15 JC-and-Ilse-16 JC-and-Ilse-17 JC-and-Ilse-18 JC-and-Ilse-19 JC-and-Ilse-20 JC-and-Ilse-21 JC-and-Ilse-22 JC-and-Ilse-23 JC-and-Ilse-24 JC-and-Ilse-25 JC-and-Ilse-26 JC-and-Ilse-27 JC-and-Ilse-28 JC-and-Ilse-29 JC-and-Ilse-30 JC-and-Ilse-31 JC-and-Ilse-32 JC-and-Ilse-33 JC-and-Ilse-34 JC-and-Ilse-35 JC-and-Ilse-36 JC-and-Ilse-37 JC-and-Ilse-38 JC-and-Ilse-39 JC-and-Ilse-40 JC-and-Ilse-41 JC-and-Ilse-42 JC-and-Ilse-43 JC-and-Ilse-44 JC-and-Ilse-45 JC-and-Ilse-46 JC-and-Ilse-47 JC-and-Ilse-48 JC-and-Ilse-49 JC-and-Ilse-50 JC-and-Ilse-51 JC-and-Ilse-52 JC-and-Ilse-53 JC-and-Ilse-54 JC-and-Ilse-55 JC-and-Ilse-56 JC-and-Ilse-57 JC-and-Ilse-58 JC-and-Ilse-59 JC-and-Ilse-60 JC-and-Ilse-61 JC-and-Ilse-62 JC-and-Ilse-63 JC-and-Ilse-64

JC & Ilse

We had a blast with these two. Shooting in the fall in Seattle is gorgeous, and this day was no exception. We headed out to the Magnolia area and shot a little bit of everything. JC & Ilse are the sweetest people in the world, and were up for anything we asked them to do, and killed it along the way. They’re getting married next summer and we couldn’t more excited to be apart of it!

Congrats you guys and Happy Holidays!

Ilse-and-JC-1 Ilse-and-JC-2 Ilse-and-JC-3 Ilse-and-JC-4 Ilse-and-JC-5 Ilse-and-JC-6 Ilse-and-JC-7 Ilse-and-JC-8 Ilse-and-JC-9 Ilse-and-JC-10 Ilse-and-JC-11 Ilse-and-JC-12 Ilse-and-JC-13 Ilse-and-JC-14 Ilse-and-JC-15 Ilse-and-JC-16 Ilse-and-JC-17 Ilse-and-JC-18 Ilse-and-JC-19 Ilse-and-JC-20 Ilse-and-JC-21 Ilse-and-JC-22 Ilse-and-JC-23 Ilse-and-JC-24 Ilse-and-JC-25 Ilse-and-JC-26 Ilse-and-JC-27 Ilse-and-JC-28 Ilse-and-JC-29 Ilse-and-JC-30 Ilse-and-JC-31

Katie & Justin {{ Married }}

We blogged about Katie and Justin back in March  when we shot their engagement photos. We had the pleasure of getting to shoot their wedding as well, and must say, it was a good one. It had everything: laughter, tears, and of course, one great dance party. It was an honor to get to witness a couple that truly loves each other and their family commit to a life of love and service. To each other, and all of those around them. It was one to remember.

Katie and Justin, thanks again for having us and getting to capture you’re big day. Congrats again and all the best going forward!

Thanks as always to the super fun Amber Zbitnoff for helping me out on this shoot! A few of the photos below are hers!

Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-1 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-2 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-3 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-4 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-5 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-6 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-7 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-8 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-9 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-10 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-11 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-12 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-13 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-14 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-15 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-16 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-17 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-18 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-19 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-20 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-21 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-22 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-23 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-24 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-25 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-26 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-27 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-28 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-29 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-30 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-31 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-32 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-33 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-34 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-35 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-36 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-37 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-38 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-39 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-40 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-41 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-42 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-43 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-44 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-45 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-46 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-47 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-48 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-49 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-50 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-51 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-52 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-53 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-54 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-55 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-56 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-57 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-58 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-59 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-60 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-61 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-62 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-63 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-64 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-65 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-66 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-67 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-68 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-69 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-70 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-71 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-72 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-73 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-74 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-75 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-76 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-77 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-78 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-79 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-80 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-81 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-82 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-83 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-84 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-85 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-86 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-87 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-88 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-89 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-90 Katie-and-Justin-Wedding-91

Missy & Drew

These two were so much fun! The type of couple that is relaxed, down to earth, and is pretty much up for anything and everything. They gave us complete creative control and freedom and we loved them for that! We headed down to  Seattle and did their engagement session at the Washington Park Arboretum. We had never shot there before and quickly fell in love with all the amazing backdrops it had to offer. Match that with a couple of great smiles and it turned out to be incredibly fun evening.

Missy and Drew, congrats again and can’t to become better friends in the coming months!

Missy-and-Drew-1 Missy-and-Drew-2 Missy-and-Drew-3 Missy-and-Drew-4 Missy-and-Drew-5 Missy-and-Drew-6 Missy-and-Drew-7 Missy-and-Drew-8 Missy-and-Drew-9 Missy-and-Drew-10 Missy-and-Drew-11 Missy-and-Drew-12 Missy-and-Drew-13 Missy-and-Drew-14 Missy-and-Drew-15 Missy-and-Drew-16 Missy-and-Drew-17 Missy-and-Drew-18 Missy-and-Drew-19 Missy-and-Drew-20 Missy-and-Drew-21 Missy-and-Drew-22 Missy-and-Drew-23 Missy-and-Drew-24 Missy-and-Drew-25 Missy-and-Drew-26 Missy-and-Drew-27 Missy-and-Drew-28 Missy-and-Drew-29

Charlie & Kelsey

Charlie-and-Kelsey-1 Charlie-and-Kelsey-2 Charlie-and-Kelsey-3 Charlie-and-Kelsey-4 Charlie-and-Kelsey-5 Charlie-and-Kelsey-6 Charlie-and-Kelsey-7 Charlie-and-Kelsey-8 Charlie-and-Kelsey-9 Charlie-and-Kelsey-10 Charlie-and-Kelsey-11 Charlie-and-Kelsey-12 Charlie-and-Kelsey-13 Charlie-and-Kelsey-14 Charlie-and-Kelsey-15 Charlie-and-Kelsey-16 Charlie-and-Kelsey-17 Charlie-and-Kelsey-18 Charlie-and-Kelsey-19 Charlie-and-Kelsey-20 Charlie-and-Kelsey-21 Charlie-and-Kelsey-22 Charlie-and-Kelsey-23 Charlie-and-Kelsey-24 Charlie-and-Kelsey-25 Charlie-and-Kelsey-26 Charlie-and-Kelsey-27 Charlie-and-Kelsey-28 Charlie-and-Kelsey-29 Charlie-and-Kelsey-30 Charlie-and-Kelsey-31 Charlie-and-Kelsey-32 Charlie-and-Kelsey-33 Charlie-and-Kelsey-34 Charlie-and-Kelsey-35 Charlie-and-Kelsey-36 Charlie-and-Kelsey-37 Charlie-and-Kelsey-38 Charlie-and-Kelsey-39 Charlie-and-Kelsey-40 Charlie-and-Kelsey-41 Charlie-and-Kelsey-42 Charlie-and-Kelsey-43 Charlie-and-Kelsey-44 Charlie-and-Kelsey-45 Charlie-and-Kelsey-46 Charlie-and-Kelsey-47 Charlie-and-Kelsey-48 Charlie-and-Kelsey-49 Charlie-and-Kelsey-50 Charlie-and-Kelsey-51 Charlie-and-Kelsey-52 Charlie-and-Kelsey-53 Charlie-and-Kelsey-54 Charlie-and-Kelsey-55 Charlie-and-Kelsey-56 Charlie-and-Kelsey-57 Charlie-and-Kelsey-58 Charlie-and-Kelsey-59 Charlie-and-Kelsey-60 Charlie-and-Kelsey-61 Charlie-and-Kelsey-62 Charlie-and-Kelsey-63 Charlie-and-Kelsey-64 Charlie-and-Kelsey-65

Denica & Kyle {{ Married }}

These two know how to put on a party. One of our favorite things is when we get to put the camera down for a few minutes at a wedding and just dance and have a good time. Which is what we did with Denica & Kyle. They put together a killer playlist, and well, we couldn’t help but get out there and let loose.

Dance skills aside, these two love each like its no ones business–and it’s infectious. We were honored to get to see them exchange vows, and were thrilled to be apart of it in a small way. The made us feel more than their photographers, more than friends even–we felt like family. And for that, we are grateful. Denica and Kyle, congrats on the beautiful wedding and we look forward to seeing your life together unfold!

Thanks to the super fun Amber Zbitnoff for helping me out on this shoot! A few of the photos below are hers

Denica-and-Kyle-14 Denica-and-Kyle-0 Denica-and-Kyle-1 Denica-and-Kyle-2 Denica-and-Kyle-3 Denica-and-Kyle-4 Denica-and-Kyle-5 Denica-and-Kyle-6 Denica-and-Kyle-7 Denica-and-Kyle-8 Denica-and-Kyle-9 Denica-and-Kyle-10 Denica-and-Kyle-11 Denica-and-Kyle-12 Denica-and-Kyle-13 Denica-and-Kyle-15 Denica-and-Kyle-16 Denica-and-Kyle-17 Denica-and-Kyle-18 Denica-and-Kyle-19 Denica-and-Kyle-20 Denica-and-Kyle-21 Denica-and-Kyle-22 Denica-and-Kyle-24 Denica-and-Kyle-25 Denica-and-Kyle-26 Denica-and-Kyle-28 Denica-and-Kyle-29 Denica-and-Kyle-30 Denica-and-Kyle-31 Denica-and-Kyle-32 Denica-and-Kyle-33 Denica-and-Kyle-34 Denica-and-Kyle-35 Denica-and-Kyle-36 Denica-and-Kyle-38 Denica-and-Kyle-39 Denica-and-Kyle-40 Denica-and-Kyle-41 Denica-and-Kyle-42 Denica-and-Kyle-43 Denica-and-Kyle-44 Denica-and-Kyle-45 Denica-and-Kyle-46 Denica-and-Kyle-47 Denica-and-Kyle-48 Denica-and-Kyle-49 Denica-and-Kyle-50 Denica-and-Kyle-51 Denica-and-Kyle-52 Denica-and-Kyle-53 Denica-and-Kyle-54 Denica-and-Kyle-55 Denica-and-Kyle-57 Denica-and-Kyle-60 Denica-and-Kyle-61 Denica-and-Kyle-62 Denica-and-Kyle-63 Denica-and-Kyle-64 Denica-and-Kyle-65

Zac & Kiri {{ Engaged }}

This one was special. Yes, I know, I say that way too much. But I can’t not say that this time. These two: Zac and Kiri. They are two of our favorites. And my writing about this session may go way too long..sorry I’m not sorry.

Zac is the only person (so far) that has ever had the incredible honor of living with Sean & Laura Thompson. What a lucky guy! I kid, it was Laura & I that had the privilege in the summer of 2012 to open our home to Zac for a few months (and we wished he would’ve stayed longer!) During that time we got to know an hilarious guy, a true friend, and one of the kindest, humblest people you’ll ever meet. Nights spent playing Nintendo Wii, laughing watching Happy Endings (a great show, check it out!) and talking and walking through life together. He became family to us. After he moved out, we kept calling his room “Zac’s room”.

So naturally, when it comes to a lady being in his life, we had high standards. Not just anybody would be good enough for Zac. And along came Kiri, and within 5 minutes of meeting her, we were sold. The kind, gentle spirit I had only seen in Zac before was now perfectly reflected in Kiri. They were, in a word, perfect. We’ve gotten to watch them grow throughout their relationship and have been so excited watching their journey, and were also pretty pumped that we got to help a little with what turned out to be a pretty epic engagement.

So when they asked to shoot their engagement photos we said yes without hesitation. We even got to make a fun weekend out of it; and I got to visit the North Peninsula of Washington for the first time. (yes, the area where the Twilight movies are set) We shot in forests, by a gorgeous lake, and finally ended the day on Zac’s parent’s farm for some epic sunset photos in the Field of Dreams™.  (this is where their wedding will be, btw, how epic is that?). And to top it all off, I get to even be in the wedding as a groomsmen! Can’t wait.

Zac and Kiri, we love you guys. Seriously. A lot. We can’t wait for your journey ahead and all that is in store for you in the years to come. Thanks for letting us be apart of it in a small way.

Kyle and Denica {{ Engaged }}

I don’t even know where to start with this one.

In the middle of editing these photos, I paused, and thought to myself: “Dang, we get to work with awesome people.” Somehow, the clients that we’ve shot for lately have just been, in a word, perfect. When describing an ideal client we often say things like: relaxed, trusting, fun, funny (and sometimes inappropriate),  and just all around good people doing great things in the world.

That’s Kyle and Denica. In one package. Relaxed? Check. Trusting? Completely. Fun. You bet. Funny? Yes and yes. (Denica may or may not have taken a few sips of white wine before the shoot..and we thought that was awesome). Good people? Unbelievably. Kyle is also an Area Director for YoungLife, and these two are incredibly passionate about investing in the lives of young people–something we’re definitely on board with.

So when you couple all that with one of the most beautiful days we’ve ever had in Seattle, things turn out like a dream; and I fall in love with my job all over again. We shot these photos in Kirkland; which happens to be one of our fave cities, and ended the day on the waterfront with a killer sunset. Again, in a word: perfect.

Kyle & Denica, we are so happy for you guys, and thoroughly enjoyed our time with you guys! We CANNOT WAIT to party with you guys in June!

Katie and Justin {{ Engaged }}

Somedays, things just come together perfectly. The day we shot Katie and Justin’s engagement photos was one of those days. It was a stellar combination of a beautiful day, in a beautiful setting, and am amazingly awesome couple. Katie (like myself) didn’t grow up around mountains and wanted to take adventure of our beautiful Pacific Northwest landscape. We got a little giddy because we love shooting out amidst the trees, water and of course, our beautiful mountains right in our backyard.

Katie and Justin are on staff for YoungLife (an organization we love, are and are heavily involved in) so we knew we would hit if off with them instantly. They kept us laughing the whole time, and also gave us complete trust and artistic freedom to do our thing. You can’t ask for better clients/friends/cliends? than that. Basically, we like these two alot, and know that their wedding in October is going to be one crazy awesome party that we can’t wait to be apart of.

Katie and Justin, thanks for all you do for the lives of kids. Keep running the good race, and congrats again on your engagement!

Scotty & Jess {{ Married! }}

This may end up being my largest post of photos, simply because I loved the images we got from this day, and of course, I love these two. I shot some engagement photos of these two way back in the summer and had the pleasure of photographing their wedding as well. It. Was. Beautiful. The weather allowed just enough window of time to get some portraits done outside, and the cloudy skies made for some beautiful soft lighting.  Seriously, how good looking are these two?!?

The ceremony was perfect, and the reception was a PARTY. Of course, I couldn’t resist getting out there and dancing myself, because, well..it’s what I do! It was an amazing day from start to finish and I was incredibly blessed to be apart of it. Scotty and Jess…congrats on your marriage and nothing but love and best wishes for your life ahead together.

Also, as always, an amazing shout-out to the ever talented (and good friend) Carina Skrobecki for helping me out. Some of the images featured here were taken by her. Check her out!

Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-1Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-2 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-3 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-4 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-5 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-6 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-7 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-8 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-9 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-10 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-11 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-12 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-13 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-14 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-15 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-16 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-17 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-19 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-20 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-21 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-22 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-23 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-24 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-25 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-26 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-27 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-28 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-29 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-30 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-31 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-32 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-33 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-34 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-35 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-36 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-37 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-38 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-39 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-40 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-42 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-43 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-44 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-45 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-46 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-47 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-48 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-49 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-52 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-54 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-55 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-60 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-61 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-62 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-65 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-66 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-67 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-68 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-69 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-70 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-72 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-73 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-74 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-75 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-79Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-53Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-57 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-82 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-83 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-86 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-88 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-96 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-98 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-102 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-103 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-107 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-108 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-109 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-110 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-111 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-112 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-113 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-114 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-115 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-116 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-117 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-118 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-119 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-120 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-121 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-122 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-123Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-124 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-125 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-126 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-127 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-128 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-129Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-4 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-3 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-2 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-130 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-131 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-132 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-133 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-134 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-135 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-136 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-137 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-138Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-141 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-140 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-142 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-143 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-144 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-145 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-147 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-148 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-149 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-151 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-152 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-153 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-154 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-155 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-156 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-157 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-158 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-159 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-160 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-161 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-162 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-163 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-165 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-166 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-167 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-168 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-169 Scotty-and-Jess-Wedding-170